Refuse to age!

1st October 2019

Refuse to age !


Why are some older people so youthful energetic and optimistic ? Certainly genetics and bad luck can play a factor in bad health but it is possible to sway the odds in your favour .


Medical science does confirm that if you don’t use it you lose it. Evidence proves exercise helps balance, prevents falls , reduces pain and benefits mood . Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis is improved by walking on flat surfaces in supportive footwear, delaying surgery.  Walking in a heated pool can help with buoyancy supporting your joints, and resistance helping your cardiovascular system and mental state helping to prevent depression and cognitive decline.


Simple and natural analgesics such as PEA and glucosamine and fish oil can be of benefit too.

In addition studies have shown that  atrophy of the brain can be slowed by continuously learning new things . The best app in the market to prevent dementia is brain HQ . The right attitude goes a long way too since depression and anxiety limit opportunities and learning experiences . Expand your repertoire instead of getting grumpy with age !


Eat a Mediterranean diet , have fewer calories as you move less. Keep adapting: If you can’t play sport try Tai-chi , yoga , walking , mahjong, singing , learn a new language . Set ever changing goals in all the domains which keep you fulfilled – physical , intellectual , spiritual , social . Keep making new friends and looking forward .


Have a proactive GP empowering you to live longer . Your doctor should respect your choices and screen for relevant conditions determined by your past history , risk factors and genetics . They can lead you through the maze of conflicting information about health so that you can spend your time enjoying life. Let us worry about recalling you for the needful so you can concentrate on living the dream !


This article was written by Dr Lisa O’Rourke

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