Our Commitment to You

31st March 2020

To our valued patients


As significant measures are being taken across the country to combat the spread of Coronavirus, we would like to reassure you that GPs on Bayview remains fully operational during government restrictions.


We are now able to offer you Telehealth consultations which will be partly funded by Medicare. Our Telehealth service will be available for a range of services including prescriptions, referrals and radiology requests. We are also planning on using Telehealth to continue our important work in chronic disease management and  all GPs at the practice will be offering this service. Please book online with your usual doctor.


As GPs we are aware of the limitations to a consultation over the phone. We are maintaining our full practice for patients who require a face to face consult and encourage you – particularly with young children, to book an in-person appointment.


As a well-resourced general practice with an experienced team, we can perform many minor procedures such as suturing, wound management, ECGS and assessment of injuries. We would encourage you to use our acute service to reduce congestion in emergency departments and reduce the workload of our hospital colleagues who will be busy managing the majority of the Coronavirus cases in Perth.


In response to the Coronavirus pandemic we have made many changes to our clinic to ensure the safety of all our patients and staff. These include:


– asking all patients who have any symptoms of illness to wear a mask. The mask may be provided to you at cost.


– isolating patients who have coughs, sore throats and temperatures into a separate area of the clinic. Please make sure you let reception know if you or your child has any of these symptoms.


– throughout the waiting rooms and at reception we are advocating and enforcing the principles of social distancing, please be aware of the signs with information on this practice.


The team at GPs on Bayview are anticipating there may be an escalation of mental health issues during these uncertain times. Many of you and your children will be facing unprecedented challenges and significant changes in your daily lives. Our experienced GPs are still offering consultations focused on mental health. These may be delivered by telehealth if appropriate or in a face to face manner. As always, these more complex consultations may take more time and we would ask you to be aware of this when booking your appointment.


During this highly stressful time your health and well-being remains a priority for GPs on Bayview. We need to anticipate there are challenging months ahead of us and we remain focused on providing excellent care and service to our patients.


We would like to thank you for your ongoing support and loyalty during these challenging and evolving times.


Stay safe and well.


Team GPs on Bayview


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