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Infant Mental Health Awareness Week June 10th-16th

A week where we are encouraged to consider the emotional wellbeing of the tiniest members of our community. AAIMHI – Australian Association for Infant Mental Health is an organisation that aims to promote the importance of healthy social and emotional … Continued

Launch of new child development screening service

The importance of screening   “Children develop at their own pace” – no doubt you’ve heard someone say this before? It’s true – all babies are unique; they develop at different times and in different ways. Some children are developmentally … Continued

Don’t rush your flu vaccine

Don’t Rush Your Flu Vaccine   With the mornings getting darker and winter fast approaching we will likely start hearing about the availability of this year’s flu vaccine and reasons why we should receive it.   This article is going … Continued

Is my child’s development normal?

It is impossible not to compare your child with others – whether that be siblings at the same age or friends from day-care or mother’s groups.   We need to remember that infants and children will all develop at different … Continued

The end of Pap Smears… As we know them

December marks the launch of the new national cervical screening program in Australia, and here is what you need to know.   The traditional PAP smear has been replaced with a new test – the cervical screening test CST. Before … Continued