Child Development Screening

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The importance of screening

All babies are unique; they develop at different times and in different ways. Some children are developmentally ‘ahead’ in some areas and ‘behind’ in others.

However, there are some universally recognised milestones for children’s abilities at certain ages and stages from birth to 5 years of age. Developmental screening compares your child’s progress against these milestones (assessing motor, communication, cognitive, language, and social-emotional skills) to provide a snapshot of progress for your child. This process helps to determine if your child meets appropriate milestones for their age, pinpointing developmental progress and catching delays early.

The more attuned we are to child development, the more likely our children are to develop appropriate physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills for life. By recognising and addressing potential issues early, children can reap the benefits of early intervention – rather than waiting until they start school and fall behind.

The process

Step 1: Register your child and make payment.

Step 2: Complete the screening with your child.

Step 3: Your results will be collated and assessed by our child development specialist, Dr Susan Cann.

Step 4: Your child will be assigned to one of three categories depending on their results:

A: Child development is within expected range. Action: Consider re-screening in 12 months

B: Mild delay or unexpected findings. Action: Parents will be notified of areas that need attention and provided with activities to complete at home with their child. An invitation will also be extended to recheck child’s results.

C: Developmental delay in one or more areas. Action: Parents will be asked to complete a full history at home and attend an appointment with their child for further assessment and discussion. Referral to an allied health therapists or a paediatrician may also be offered.


A one-time, upfront fee of $50 applies when you register your child. This fee is for the time your GP spends assessing your child’s results. Register your child today to start your screening by clicking here

Screening is currently available only to our members. In addition to development screening, your free GPs on Bayview membership provides access to health updates through our newsletter, and video medical consultations when you are away from home and prefer to consult with your own doctor (conditions apply). Click here to apply.

Ongoing support

GPs on Bayview will inform and support you and your family during every stage of the screening process. Appropriate treatment and follow-up will be recommended (as required). And if you have any questions or need more information we are always here and happy to help. Contact us if you have any questions about developmental screening, or your child’s development.